Will you join us in raising 1 Million Voices of Hope in prayer and advocacy for Christians in Syria and Iraq?

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Million for Hope

This campaign is an effort of collaboration between several International organisations aiming to protect Christians in Syria and Iraq and ensure the continuity of the important role they have played to build and serve their societies for more than two thousand years. The campaign aims to gather 1 million people globally to world to join us in raising specific recommendations gathered by Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Will you join us in raising 1 Million Voices of Hope in prayer and advocacy for Christians in Syria and Iraq? We must tell the world in as loud a voice as possible what needs to be done to guarantee a genuine future for Christians in these countries. Will you add your voice and make a difference?

“I want my fellow Iraqis to know that we are not guests in Iraq. Our ancestors built this country. Treat me as a sister, not as a guest.” – Iraqi Christian. 

“Please do not speak about us as a beleaguered minority; we consider ourselves as part of the silent majority that wants to live together peacefully in the region.” – Syrian Christian.

To the Secretary General of the United Nations 

The people of Syria and Iraq are facing immense suffering due to years of war and violent unrest. We believe that the lives, livelihoods and freedoms of all people in Syria and Iraq should be protected and guaranteed. This includes the Christians.  

The church in both these countries has played a vital role in society for almost 2,000 years. Yet Christians continue to face significant targeted violence and persecution. They are committed to being a place of hope and compassion for the years to come but need urgent change to ensure a future in their homelands.  

We cannot stand by while Christians and others in the Middle East are threatened with destruction. We must give them hope.

Therefore, we urge you to use your good offices on behalf of Christians and other religious groups in Syria and Iraq to:  

  • Ensure that the current and future legal frameworks in Syria and Iraq fully promote and protect the equal and inalienable rights of all their citizens, irrespective of race, religion or other status
  • Ensure the dignified and continued improvement of living conditions for all citizens, but especially for returning refugees and the internally displaced – including through the provision of adequate housing, education and jobs 
  • Identify and equip religious leaders and faith-based organisations to play a constructive and central role in reconciling and rebuilding both Syrian and Iraqi societies.  

Privacy statement

To participate in this campaign, you only need your name and nationality. Personal information such as address or email are not required.

What will you do with the petition?

The campaign team will present this petition to the new Secretary General of the United Nations in June 2017 – the one person who has oversight of all the issues raised. It will have a huge impact if we can get this on their agenda at the beginning of their term in office. In addition, between now and June 2017, colleagues and partners around the world will raise these calls with different people and organisations who have direct influence over each of the campaign recommendations and can truly make a difference on the ground.

How were the calls of the petition decided?

We conducted extensive consultations with Christians in Syria and Iraq between September 2015 and March 2016. These helped us to gain a clearer understanding of how Christians in the Middle East understand their role within their society, and to ascertain their needs in order to better understand how we can stand alongside Christians in the Middle East. The recommendations which came out of these consultations fell broadly into three categories. These three categories defined the content and calls of this petition

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